Beta blockers are medicines used for high blood pressure, heart problems and glaucoma. Patients receiving allergen immunotherapy (allergy shots) should not be on beta blockers because they function by blocking the effects of epinephrine, which is the treatment for a serious allergic reaction. If you require the regular use of a beta blocker, you should not take allergy shots.

Below is a partial list of the currently available beta blocker medications. Ask your pharmacist, prescribing physician or one of our nurses if you are not sure if your medication is a beta blocker.

Brevibloc Injection  (Esmolol)
Bystolic (Nebivolol)
Levatol Tablets  (Penbutolol)
Normodyne, Trandate (Labetolol)
Betapace Tablets  (Sotalol)
Blocadren Tablets  (Timolol)
Cartrol Filmtab Tablets  (Carteolol)
Coreg Tablets (Carvedilol)
Corgard Tablets  (Nadolol)
Inderal-LA Capsules  (Propranolol)
Inderal Tablets  (Propranolol
Lopressor  (Metoprolol)
Kerlone Tablets  (Betaxolol)
Trasicor (Oxprenolol)
Sectral Capsules  (Acebutolol)
Tenormin Tablets/Injectable  (Atenolol)
Toprol-XL Tablets  (Metoprolol)
Visken (Pindolol)
Zebeta Tablets  (Bisoprolol)
InnoPran XL Capsules  (Propranolol)

Beta Blockers with Diuretics:

Corzide 40/5 Tablets  (Nadolol)
Corzide 80/5 Tablets  (Nadolol)
Inderide LA Capsules  (Propranolol)
Lopressor HCT  (Metoprolol)
Tenoretic Tablets  (Atenolol)
Timolide Tablets  (Timolol)
Ziac Tablets  (Bisoprolol)
Inderide Tablets  (Propranolol)

Beta Blocker Eye Drops:

Betimol Ophthalmic Solution (Timolol)
Betagan (Levobunolol)
Betoptic S Ophthalmic Suspension  (Betaxolol)
Cosopt Sterile Ophthalmic Solution  (Timolol)
Ocupress (Carteolol)
Timoptic in Ocudose  (Timolol)
Timoptic Sterile Ophthalmic Solution  (Timolol)
Timoptic-XE Sterile Ophthalmic Gel  (Timolol)