It’s the most wonderful, yet allergy ridden, time of the year! ‘Tis the season for sniffles, congestion and unwanted allergies that make the holiday season no fun.

Take some time to read these tips on how to stay in the mix this season:

  • If you have a mold allergy – stay away from Christmas trees or wreaths. Mold spores are prevalent on these plants. (If you still want to have live plants, hose them all down before bringing them inside.
  • Food allergies – know what you are allergic or sensitive to. Come see us for an allergy test if you are unsure. After you know what food allergies you have, talk to all family members before the festivities and always ask about the ingredients in their dishes.
  • Dealing with pet allergies – Keeping the pets inside and the house warm, makes it easy for the allergies to rise. To avoid this, keep your floors swept and vacuumed and wash your hands and face frequently. Keep allergy medications on hand when traveling, you never know who will have a new pet around!
  • Dust mite troubles – these little allergy and asthma triggers are always around so be sure to change air filters frequently, wash bedding in hot water and keep the humidity low with a humidifier.
  • Last tip – STAY CLEAR of STRESS! Recognize that the holidays may cause stress so stay clear of those factors that cause them. Give yourself a gift of yoga, massage or meditation to keep those stress levels down!
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