Ragweed pollen counts have been at their highest for the past 5 years this Fall!

Ragweed started 3 weeks early this year in the first week of August, normally ragweed starts early september, peaks October 1st and is gone by November 1st. Ragweed is the most famous allergic plant in the US.  Central Texas has a much longer ragweed season than the midwest or northeast where ragweed stops with the first frost. The most famous pollen is Austin is Cedar which pollinates from late December to February. Cedar pollen counts in Central Texas are the highest of any pollen anywhere in the world.Ragweed allergy causes sneezing, itching, runny and stuffy nose and itchy, and red watery eyes.

The best treatment for ragweed allergy is a daily cortisone nasal spray like nasonex or flonase combined with an antihistamine pill like allegra or claritin, an antihistamine eyedrop like zaditor or pataday and a decongestant pill like sudafed for stuffiness. Allergy shots are very effective in reducing reactivity to pollens like ragweed. However, allergy shots take several months to become effective.  Allergy shots are the only treatment that reduces sensitivity and make a person healthier and less allergic.

There are 3 new prescription allergy spray on the market, check out this story on KVUE featuring Dr Howland .http://www.kvue.com/home/Nasal-sprays-provide-fast-relief-173304081.html

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