• Know your allergies

o Come see us for all your allergy testing now so you aren’t stuck inside sick this spring!

o Talk to our doctors on the times when your allergens are at their peak.

o Once you know, you can plan around those allergen seasons.


  • Check the time

o Try to work out or run in the early morning or late evening outside.

o Pollen peaks around noon to mid-afternoon and so do many other allergens.

o Check the allergy counts before you go outside on days you are unsure of.


  • Check the weather

o Always double check other weather and the allergy count before you go outside.

o Wear scarf or bandana to protect ears and nose if needed.


  • Change your clothes after exercise

o During certain seasons, your clothing and hair could be covered with allergens.

o Take off your workout clothes and toss them in the laundry immediately.

o Take a shower to rid any allergen left on your skin or hair.

  1. June 20, 2017

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