If you see a yellowish shine on your vehicle when you commute to work in the morning you probably are thinking one thing: allergies! The seasonal allergen of oak pollen is in the air. Oak pollen levels generally peak around April 1st and are soon followed by pecan, cottonwood and grass pollens. An issue with oak pollen is that it is dense and heavy can sometimes cause issues for people who do not normally suffer from allergies.

Oak allergies cause many of the same symptoms of other allergies. These include stuffy and runny nose, sneezing, general nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. The pollen may stick to clothes or hair so if you’ve been running outside or spending a lot of time outside the house then it’s a good idea to change clothes and take a shower when you get indoors.

With some of the extra wind we had later in February and in early March the oak pollen has been dispersing around Austin and the Central Texas area.  Rain temporarily washes pollen out of the air but then encourages trees and grass to grow and release more pollen.  Opening windows in your house when the Spring weather is nice allows more pollen to come indoors and increases allergies.

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